Procare LTC Procare LTC

Providing the next generation of pharmacy services...

Servicing New York, New Jersey, Connecticut , Massachusetts and Rhode Island

Main Headquarters

Cheshire CT location

· 30 years of long term pharmacy experience
· CPOE (Computerized Physician Order Entry)
· Electronic medical records
· Pro-link online connectivity
· Paperless pharmacy
· GPS enabled delivery tracking
· Customized reports
· Monthly pharmacy cost meetings
· Personal individual customer service representative
· Serving New York and Connecticut
      & so much more...
Procare LTC understands the universal needs of healthcare institutions with a personal touch that only an independent pharmacy can offer. With three decades of experience we have the understanding and knowledge to move into the next generation of pharmacy services. If you are not presently using Procare LTC you should consider doing so. We realize changing your pharmacy is a difficult decision, not changing your pharmacy may be a greater one. Improve your quality of care, lower your costs and benefit from our experience.