Procare LTC Procare LTC


Thomas Anthony Hyde RPh, President

Mr. Hyde's career and passion for Long Term Care Pharmacy started in 1993 while working at a family owned long term care pharmacy provider while attending St John's University College of Pharmacy on an academic scholarship. He graduated St John's University in 1996 with a Bachelors of Science, Pharmacy. Mr. Hyde's strengths in technology and business combined with a strong clinical knowledge and drive for excellence quickly elevated him to the position of pharmacy manager of a long term care pharmacy serving thousands of residents. In 1995 that company was acquired by a National Provider of Institutional pharmacy services. In 1997 in addition to managing the acquired company he consulted part time for a New York based pharmacy consulting firm, further expanding on his clinical knowledge and his understanding of the long term care industry from a facility centric view. In 1999 the company he managed was merged into a combined entity consisting of two other wholly owned subsidiaries of the parent company. Mr. Hyde was met with new challenges to integrate into an established publicly held management structure while maintaining his drive for exceptional service. His job changed from being a pharmacy manager to a customer service representative and a technology resource for many of the cost containment programs and operational IT initiatives undertaken by the newly created entity. This further enhanced his management skills. Many of these programs are still being utilized today. When Medicare D was introduced, Mr. Hyde oversaw the implementation of this monumental change in the pharmacy billing model. Additionally, he worked part time in a local pharmacy keeping his foot in the door of the retail sector. In 2007 he resigned from the national pharmacy provider to pursue a goal of owning his own institutional pharmacy to provide the highest quality of personalized care. Procare LTC was born. Since its inception, Procare LTC has grown steadily with a company philosophy to ensure quality of care of the residents is never compromised. Mr. Hyde's vision and drive is focused on the integration of his personal knowledge of technology with his extensive expertise in long term care pharmacy to create a low cost, high quality institutional pharmacy that never loses sight of the residents needs while accomplishing the needs of the facility at every level.

Paul Meyeroff RPh, Chief Operation Officer

Paul Meyeroff is a second generation pharmacist. Mr. Meyeroff began working in his family retail Pharmacy in the early eighties. In 1989 he attended St. Johns University while starting Datascript Corp. and Prescription and Vitamin Warehouse, Inc. A Retail Pharmacy with a nursing home component that serviced a few hundred nursing home beds in a small space set aside in the back area of the retail store. In a few short years his business was servicing many thousands of residents. This is attributable to a desire for customer service and reputation. In 1995 Datascript was acquired by a large national pharmacy provider. Mr. Meyeroff remained as President of the new entity. In 1999 the national provider consolidated Datascript into a unit comprised of Datascript and two other wholly owned subsidiaries. Mr. Meyeroff was appointed President of the combined operation and was responsible for overseeing the total operation. As the youngest appointed President within the parent company, Mr. Meyeroff worked to grow the combined entity from approximately eighteen thousand to over thirty thousand beds in a few short years. With a few hundred employees and a desire for bringing value to the customer many programs were created and improved upon during his tenure. From operations to cost containment Mr. Meyeroff involved himself in every aspect of operations to meet the expectations of the customer. As the parent company grew from approximately 190,000 beds in 1995 to over 1.4 million in 2008, fundamental changes in business practices occurred within the company. In 2008 Mr. Meyeroff resigned voluntarily for fundamental differences related to these changes. In 2010, Mr. Meyeroff was reunited with Thomas Hyde to become the Chief Operating Officer of Procare LTC Pharmacy. The combined vision between Mr. Hyde and Mr. Meyeroff creates an organization concerned with resident needs while taking care of the facilities and employees at every level.