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PDPM Calculation Worksheet for SNFs
The clock is officially ticking toward the October 2019 implementation of the Patient Driven Payment Model for Skilled Nursing Facility Medicare Part A payments. 
CMS has produced a draft document to help SNFs determine how the new PDPM system will impact payments based on the profile of individual residents. The document was produced during the proposed rule comment period to help facilities understand the potential impact of the change. 

Pathway Health has also developed a calculator that will give a quick view of expected impact of the new system by facility.
The Future of Nursing Home Regulation
Health Affairs explores the continuing tension between nursing home operators and advocacy organizations over the philosophy of regulation. While both groups generally supported the revised conditions of participation in Medicare and Medicaid issued during the Obama Administration, there remains a difference in philosophy between the industry and its critics.
Is Success in PDPM Less Complicated Than We Think?
Skilled Nursing News:   Speakers at a recent conference suggested that adapting to the new PDPM payment system in Medicare may be more related to taking credit for the residents SNFs already serve, rather than searching for new patient types. 
Dual Eligible Care Models
Health Payer Intelligence reports on a white paper produced by America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP). The paper discusses the relative attributes of Special Needs Plans (SNPs), Medicare-Medicaid demonstration plans and PACE programs. 

AHIP goes on to discuss the potential for new programs to address the need to provide coordination for patients who rely on both Medicare and Medicaid for their healthcare needs.
NIC Reports on SNF Occupancy and Revenue Trends
The National Investment Center for Seniors Housing and Care (NIC) released its latest report on skilled nursing facility occupancy and revenue trends, covering the period from October 2011 to June 2018. The report highlights the continuing decline in census numbers and the relative importance of Medicare, managed care, Medicaid and private payers in the revenue mix of SNFs.
30 Million Americans Have Diabetes
The Center for Disease Control now estimates that 30 million Americans have diabetes, and another 84 million have pre-diabetes. The agency estimates that more than 7 million people with diabetes are undiagnosed and more than 25 million Americans age 65 and over have the condition. 
Many Nursing Assistants Live at Poverty Level
Skilled Nursing News reports on a study released by the Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute showing the stagnant wages of nursing assistants in nursing homes. The study noted that 15 percent live at or below the federal poverty level and more than 35 percent rely on public assistance programs to supplement their income.

While demand for nursing assistants has slowed along with nursing home occupancy levels, many believe the need will eventually rebound and nursing homes will need to find a way to compete with retail and food-service industries for labor.
What Will Walmart Bring to Healthcare?
CNN reports on the what Walmart's recent healthcare moves, including an agreement with health insurer Anthem and its reported interest in PillPack, before the pharmacy was scooped up by Amazon.

Will Walmart achieve the long-sought goal of bringing low prices and convenience to the massive healthcare sector, or will it become discouraged by the complexity of the nation's most byzantine enterprise?
CMS Says to Expect More Payment Models
Healthcare Finance:  CMS is ready to roll out more value-based Medicare payment models, and some of them may be mandatory. The agency is focused on reducing program cost and improving quality and its leaders believe the key to that goal may be to push risk onto the providers.

Many accountable care organizations (ACOs) have announced their intention to no longer participate in Medicare when they are forced to accept risk, which, according to HHS Secretary Alex Azar, is fine with him.
Poll: More Believe CVS/Aetna Will Disrupt Healthcare than Amazon
Healthcare IT News says that a recent poll of readers believe that the new CVS/Aetna, if the merger is approved, would be more likely to disrupt healthcare than Amazon alone, or as a partner in the Berkshire Hathaway, JP Morgan Chase project. Readers believe the new company will have the momentum, as an established player, to outrun other 
Americans Mostly Unhappy with Progress on Rx Costs
A survey by West Health Institute and NORC at the University of Chicago shows that a large majority of Americans are unhappy with the escalating cost of prescription drugs, but few have any faith that President Trump or Congress are doing much to make the situation better. 

There is generally high support for federal negotiation over Medicare drug prices and an easier path to availability of generic drugs.
A Stick-on Blood Pressure Monitor?
MIT Technology Review: Researchers at the University of California San Diego are working on a central blood pressure monitoring system that would collect readings from throughout the body and transmit them to an external device.

The stamp-sized device, still in development, could allow for continuous monitoring of persons with hypertension or those with a high risk of heart attack.
How Did The Weather Channel Create The Surge Animation?
Wired Magazine: If you were watching The Weather Channel's coverage of Hurricane Florence, you may have seen an amazing animation illustrating the impact of storm surge on coastal communities. 

How did they do this? It wasn't easy and relied on building a new studio and calling on technology teams to put it all together just in time to make it work.