Procare LTC Procare LTC


Bar Code Technology
All products dispensed contain a unique bar code that allows Procare LTC to:
  • Ensure the correct product is dispensed
  • Tracks each medication order through the pharmacy to ensure all qualty assurance checks are completed
  • Places medications in the correct delivery release time
  • Accountability for the processing of a medication order at every step
  • Full chain of custody for every order from pharmacy receipt up to facility delivery

HL7 Interface
Our HL7 intreface allows communications with a facilities choice of EMR system allowing Procare to service the needs to any facility.

Computerized Physician Order Entry
Procare LTC interfaces utilizing using bi-directional Hl7 and NCPDP 10.6

  • Point Click Care Certified and Tested
  • SigmaCare
  • Matrix care
    And all major EHR systems

    For seemless transmission of physician orders
    ADT functionality

    Physician Orders
    Create, update and electronically sign physician orders with a few mouse clicks. Orders display in the same format as a printed physician orders sheet, with the ability to drill down to the details of an order. Entered orders are electronically sent via a HL7 Bi-directional gateway to vendor systems, and the results can be returned to update the Orders.

    Templates & Packaged Order Sets
    Setup templates for commonly used orders and assemble templates in order sets to apply many orders at once to a patient. Order sets save time by automatically entering multiple orders. When applying an order aet, you have an option to exclude specific orders from the package. All generated orders can be updated individually.

    Renew-All Functions & Patient Schedules
    The Renew-All function tracks when the patient's orders are due for next renewal and a dashboard displays the schedule.

    Census Driven
    The census ADT module manages the patient status and data so the caregivers can enter orders in real-time.

    Alerts, Notifications and Dashboards
    View automatic alerts and notifications on dashboard and scorecard screens. Reduce medication errors and costs by using the first dataBank's drug database to verify that orders do not conflict with the patient's current drugs, foods or allergies. Print or display patient educational drug monographs.

    eMAR/Electronic Medication Administration Record
    eMARs provides nurses an efficient way of charting administration of medications and treatments. The eMAR replaces the traditional paper MAR, and is integrated with order entry (CPOE). Medication orders automatically appear in the EMR when they are due to be given to the patients. The user interface mimics a traditional paper MARs which records nursing administration events by clicking in the appropriate cell and indicating the medication or treatment was given together with other details and results.

    Medication Carts
    eMARs can be displayed on PC screens or touch screen enabled screens. Screens can be mounted on the wall or directly on the medication cart.

    Positive Patient Id - Barcodes
    Administration can be recorded using barcode scanners. The patient wears a bar-coded bracelet containing their patient account information. The nurse scans the patient bracelet to select and display the patient's eMAR screen. As each medication is given, the nurse scans the barcode on the medication card. Each scan is verified against the patient's orders to ensure that the medication belongs to the patient. Once all the medications are given, the patient's bracelet is rescanned to validate the patient given the meds matches the patient that was originally selected.

    Easy to use reports for missed medications, review of administration times, nurse selected parameters for patient lists, and custom reports designed by the client. The system tracks errors, missed medications/treatments, the identity of the user, and can print these reports on demand.

    Paperless Pharmacy Environment:
    With the use of DocuTrack, information in traditional paper setting is transformed into a paperless environment. This creates:

    • Faster order processing
    • Instant information retrieval
    • More personal service
    • Streamlined communication
    • Increased reliability
    • Fewer follow-up calls
    • No lost faxes or papers to be picked up. (Do away with the old "I faxed it and didn't get it routine!") Higher level of security

    Time Stamp Tracking of Medication Orders

    • Tags medication orders with required delivery time
    • Places orders in the required release time work flow
    • Prevents delivery from being release without the required order

    GPS Tracking of Deliveries by Delivery Trak

    • Scanned barcodes of medications are tracked until received by the facility
    • Once accepted information is sent wirelessly back to pharmacy system within moments
    • Signatures are retrievable in the pharmacy software immediately
    • Full chain of custody on all orders

    Procare LTC Facility Link (Over the Web)

    • Allows for e-refills in the absence of a CPOE system
    • Gives the facility the ability to look at resident profiles
    • Capability of reviewing and changing ancillary orders at the facility (diet,therapy, etc..)
    • The ability to price medications for admissions
    • The capability of viewing resident payor status and billing information

    Pharmacy to facility notifications of high cost meds

    • Know right away of high cost medications via PDA or desktop
    • Receive notifications of more cost effective therapeutically equivalent medication